Carpet Care

1 in periodically with a vacuum cleaner to prevent the accumulation of dust on the carpet and floor-to-settlement between the pile yarns swept maintenance should be performed.
2 - Carpet cleaning should be avoided by use of excess water and shampoo.
3 - Carpet should never be washed, wiped with water after cleaning with shampoo and dry immediately.
4 - a substance spilled on the carpet stains can be removed if it is constructive instant and accurate intervention.
5 - Stain removal process should be tried first on a hidden area of the carpet with a chemical substance used to remove stains.
6 - pile yarn made in the region where the cleaning process must be scanned with a brush so as to stand upright.
7 - Carpet should be kept away from stoves and other heating devices.
8 - Direct sunlight as carpet should not be left too long in such an environment can damage the carpet.
9 - wet carpet during transportation, hard, should not be allowed to damage the carpet spikes and sharp objects.